On 30 January 1979, FAA certifies Learjet 28/29, the first production aircraft with winglets.
Flight International also features a back cover ad for the brand new Cessna Citation Columbus. Cessna is known for its very aesthetic, artsy, graphic ads regularly printed on back covers of industry publications.

This one (not pictured) features a ground controller standing in front of the Columbus' nose, admiring the majestic aircraft (N850CC). The headline text reads: "Introducting the biggest business jet in the history of the biggest business jet company."

The name was picked by Cessna because this is the first Citation designed to take its passengers overseas - London to Dubai, Munich to New York, Singapore to Sydney, Sao Paulo to Miami - nonstop. It will be bigger and fly further, faster than its competitors, the Bombardier Challenger 605 and Dassault Falcon 2000EX. At $780 million to develop and $27 million to buy, it will be the most expensive Citation yet. It won't enter service until 2014.

In its 6-12 January 2009 issue, Flight International ran an ad for "328 Support Services", a Wessling, Germany company that specialises in Dornier 328 maintenance, refurbishment, modernisation, and completion for VIP operators. Two pictures accompany the ad: 1) a cabin interior with large brown leather seats facing each other in a 1-1 configuration; 2) five Dornier 328 jets in a hangar.

The Dornier 328 is quickly being retired from commercial service by the few airlines that still operate it and, much like the first generation Bombardier CRJ100/200s, the airframes are being converted into private aircraft. Conversion centers such as MJet or 328 Support Services put forward price and quick availability as main arguments. Very often, customers have to wait anywhere from 16 to 24 months after they place an order before they can take delivery of a brand new business jet with a custom interior.